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Challenges Facing the Freight Forwarding Industry

A business that is in operation has got its cycle of boom and recess. These are the periods when the business is doing well and adversely, respectively. Just like any business, the freight forwarding industry also has got a share of its own challenges. These are obstacles that hamper the smooth running of the freight… Read More »

There is a need for an emerging market rating model: Exim Bank

Spelling out the plans to take interbank cooperation among countries, New Development Bank chief KV Kamath and Yaduvendra Mathur, CMD of Exim Bank say that a global framework has to be aligned to see that political risks don’t go up, when cross border lending operations trade and other issues are addressed. Source link

Solutions Business 2008

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ATT agrees in principle to buy Time Warner for $85 bn: Sources

ATT Inc has reached an agreement in principle to buy Time Warner Inc for about USD85 billion, sources said on Friday, paving the way for what would be the biggest deal in the world this year, giving the telecom company control of cable TV channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Bros and other coveted… Read More »

Don’t see decline in financial stress near-term: Experts

Bad loans have taken a toll on the Indian economy and whether the stressed assets will decline is the big question. Bank loans have swelled to Rs 9 trillion crore and the worst-hit sectors are power and steel. According to analysts, there is no meaningful chance of loan stress declining. Source link