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National Game of India – Cricket

Cricket is the national game of India.Oh! Sorry it’s Hockey. See, that’s what the condition of our nation game, hockey, is at present.  Cricket is the god of all the sports played in India. Why? Take a step back, sit down at your desk and think for a moment, you yourself will find the answers.… Read More »

What Does the Portuguese Passport Mean to Goans?

The Portuguese passport has certainly opened a door of great opportunity for Goans who have been queuing up since the last couple of decades to secure for themselves, not just a Portuguese passport, but a ticket to Portugal and thereby to Europe in pursuit of a better standard of living. Goa, the tiniest state of… Read More »


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HP Tech Ventures searches for startups

Chief Disrupter Andrew Bolwell describes how the venture arm works and what its looking for.“I learned so much about gyoza in that 30 minutes, This is what innovation is about: recognizing a problem or something that could be better and doing something about it.“Andrew Bolwell Chief Disrupter HP Tech VenturesAndrew Bolwell burned the gyoza. He… Read More »

Concrete Cement Poles: Indian Industry Analysis

Concrete is a mixture of cement & stone aggregate. When mixed with a small amount of water, the cement hydrates to form a microscopic opaque crystal lattice structure encapsulating and locking the aggregate into its rigid structure. An artificial stone-like material used for various structural purposes. It is made by mixing cement and various aggregates,… Read More »

Wedding Attire for Bride and Groom in Marathi Matrimony

The Indian culture is amalgamation of various cultures, each representing different colours of India. Various communities residing in India follow their own rituals and customs when it comes to celebrate a wedding. Impact of regional variations can be clearly seen in the pattern of performing a wedding in India. The Maharashtra community is one of… Read More »