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Indian Society – A Brief Outline

India is a vast sub-continent in South Asia, with a population of over a billion people. It has a democratic system of government, and one of the fastest growing economies in the world today. India is known for its scenic beauty, vast natural reserves and rich cultural heritage. Indian society has always been patriarchal, with… Read More »

Silesia Business Park

Silesia Business Park Katowice Category: Office Location: Katowice, Poland Built: 2013-2014 (1st phase) Investor: Skanska Poland Architects: Medusa Group (Bytom, Poland) Height: 55m Total area: 46000 m2 (all phases) facebook instagram 500px Posted by Maciek Lulko on 2014-10-17 13:24:03 Tagged: , Katowice , Architecture , architecture photos , Architektura , architektura współczesna , Architektur… Read More »

Business Headshots

Business Headshots Posted by PattyMac Photos on 2014-03-31 23:40:10 Tagged: , Business , headshots , professional , photography , portrait , natural light , outdoors , environmental , virginia beach , virginia , patty mcguire , pattymac photos , copyright 2014 , PattyMac 100

Online Business Directory

Global Vendor Mart! End-to-end Convenient Online Business Directory to Discover, Buy and Sell Throughout the Whole World! Coming Soon. Posted by Global vendor Mart on 2017-05-26 11:17:13 Tagged: , online , business , directory , online_business_directory , online_directories_for_businesses , wholesalers_and_manufacturers , wholesale_product , _suppliers , supplier_and_buyer , Global_vendor_mart

Business Card – Back

The back of my business card at The Chopping Block. Each of us at the Block chose a different olympic sport to portray ourselves as…I chose ping-pong. That IS my head on the body of a real ping-pong player. Posted by danielschutzsmith on 2005-12-19 02:12:21 Tagged: , graphicdefine , business card , chopping block