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Indian Finance and Economics Researchers Receive Incentives at Bangalore Conference

At the recently concluded research conference organized by Christ University in Bangalore, Indian scholars and researchers in finance and economics presented their research work and received incentives (ranging from US$300 to US$500) from IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants), the US-based association of accountants and financial professionals in business.   Raef Lawson, Ph.D., CMA, CPA, CFA,… Read More »

Chembarambakkam – A booming real estate investment destination

Chembarambakkam – the very name could raise an alarm in view of recent floods as the surplus water from the Chembarambakkam Lake submerged the Chennai city., Chembarambakkam, a high lying area, remained un-inundated even during such crisis and it was the safest destination. Chembarambakkam, near Poonamallee is a tranquil location in West Chennai insulated from… Read More »

Chennai is expanding rapidly towards the West

With unmatched connectivity, infrastructure development support, high employment opportunities, better healthcare and education facilities, Chennai is ranked as one among the world’s best cosmopolitan city and becoming a dream metro for people wishing to upgrade to better lifestyle. Chennai’s high literacy rate, professional working culture, education and advanced health facilities, traditional & tourism places, entertainment… Read More »